Reminder February General Membership Meeting

At the North Shore Cottonwood Community Centre
730 Cottonwood Ave
Thursday Feb 27 2014 7:00pm
Please attend and bring a friend or two.


The BC Government announced the introduction of Bill 13, the Off Road Vehicle Act, which seeks to overhaul the Province’s system regulating the use of off road vehicles.

You can find the text of the proposed legislation here.

Below is the BC Government’s press release:

VICTORIA – Bill 13, the Off Road Vehicle Act introduced today, promises certainty, safety and regulatory structure for thousands of off-road enthusiasts.

The proposed Off Road Vehicle – or ORV – Act replaces the 40-year-old Motor Vehicle (All Terrain) Act with a modern management structure, designed to align with existing regulatory regimes at minimal cost.

Increased use of quads, snowmobiles and other ORVs has helped British Columbians get out and enjoy the beauty of the province’s backcountry. Bill 13 will help ensure these vehicles are driven in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

The act, if passed and brought into force, will:

§ Establish a one-time registration system specifically designed to integrate with the pre-existing structure of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia’s vehicle registry, reducing implementation costs. ORVs will have to be registered and display a clearly visible number plate before they can be operated on Crown or other public land.

§ Allow the development of regulations on the rules of operation (such as wearing helmets), safety standards and conditions of use for a wide range of modern ORVs, including snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles or “quads”, dirt bikes and utility terrain vehicles.

§ Assist in identifying stolen or abandoned ORVs, by requiring ORVs to be registered in a database that is accessible to peace officers at all times.

§ Provide officers with more effective enforcement tools to target the small number of irresponsible ORV owners that endanger others or damage sensitive habitat. This includes the ability to stop and inspect ORVs for violations, seize an ORV for safety or evidence purposes, and increase the maximum fine for offences from $500 to $5,000.

Included in the proposed ORV legislation is an amendment to the Special Accounts Appropriation and Control Act establishing the ORV Trail Management Sub-account. This will ease the process of providing future investments directly into developing and maintaining trails, delivering lasting benefits to the ORV tourism industry in rural communities.

The proposed ORV Act is the result of extensive consultation, and represents a fair compromise for all user groups. Implementation, including registration provisions, is anticipated in the fall of 2014.


Please let your membership know that BC Timber Sale A89911 will be logged in the next short while. Access to the sale overlaps with some roads used by your club members in/around the Lac Le Jeune Area - I've attached a map for your reference.

Active log hauling will commence in this area in the following weeks. If you could let your club members to take extra care in this area (Ridge Main FSR), that would be appreciated.

Thank you! Any questions, please give me a call at 250-315-9550.

Shawn Larson
Resources Group
Ph. 250-315-9550
Fx. 250-767-0201
Resources Group
Head Office
6385 Vernon Ave.
Peachland, B.C. V0H 1X8
Ph. 778-479-7771
Fx. 778-479-2088


Happy New Year!!

I really like the website very informative and a good heads up for riders.  On New Years Eve there was a logging truck coming down a switchback at 6.5km on the Eileen lake road with a load of logs when a snowmobile came around the corner and had to climb up the bank to avoid the truck.  The truck was traveling at a low speed but the potential for injury was there.  I will send you an update of log and haul areas if you aren’t getting them, but if you could share the close call incident with your club that would be appreciated, thanks Bill.

Bill Barwise
Log Quality & Scaling Supervisor, Adams Lake Division
Office: (250) 679-6855     Cell : (778)257-4766