Private land issue:

I have property at Lac Le Jeune at the west end of the lake. each year I have problems with snowmobilers trespassing on my private property. I have it signed and posted with No Snowmobiling or No trespassing signs. It seems as if once they get on a machine they lose their ability to read. Have you any suggestions to aleviate the problem?

The Ridgemountain Forest Service Road goes through our place, and as long as they stay on the part of the road that is not maintained I have no problem, but unfortunately, many of them do not. I do not want to involve the police, and with help I would rather solve the problem at this level.

I would appreciate a response so we could talk this over. I realize that it is probably not your members that create a problem but maybe they have some ideas that would help Thank you very much Jocko Creek Ranch
I’m just writing to let you know about 15 brand new, rustic cabins that we have built just west of Golden, BC.  I thought that you may have members that would like to sled the Golden area and we are perfect for that.  Each cabin has 2 queen beds and a 3 piece washroom.  We have a huge bonfire pit which we use year round plus all guests are welcome to use our covered dining area which has a bbq, propane 2 burner stove, kettle and coffee maker.  To break in to the market we are offering an Opening Special of just $69 / per night for one or two people in a cabin.  We are new which means that our budget is stretched to the absolute limit however any help that you can offer getting the word out to your members would be greatly appreciated.   I really think that your members would love the cabins as they are isolated, semi-wilderness, clean and comfortable.  There is more info on our website at or on our Facebook page under Mountain View Cabins BC.  
Please let me know if you have any questions or have any suggestions on how best to get the word out to your members.  
Best regards, 

  jim noonan
Mountain View Cabins,
2383 Forde Station Road,
Golden, BC  
V0A 1H1

Dear Mr. Denomey, Mr. Reeves and members of the Kamloops Snowmobile Association,

The Mountain Resorts Branch (MRB), Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations is the Provincial agency which administers the Sun Peaks Master Development Agreement (MDA) and adjudicates tenure applications within the Sun Peaks Resort Controlled Recreation Area.  Consistent with the Sun Peaks MDA completed in 1993, the Province recently provided authorizations to the resort required for the development of Lift 15, ski runs and related access in the Gils/Mt. Tod area of Sun Peaks Resort.  This will extend the resort’s Operating Area further north in close proximity to the northern Controlled Recreation Area boundary.   Due to the inherent conflicts between motorized and non-motorized recreation and the overriding Public Safety objective, Sun Peaks Resort will now manage public snowmobiling access routes within the Sun Peaks CRA along designated routes from Parking Lot P6 only, restricting all snowmobile access to the Gils and Mt. Tod alpine areas.

The Sun Peaks MDA provides the Resort with the right and responsibility to control public access within the CRA for the purpose of Public Safety and to facilitate their resort development and operations.  The MDA states that Sun Peaks is required to “control, regulate, prohibit and direct the movement and activities of skiers and all other persons within the Controlled Recreation Area; regulate and prohibit access and entry of all persons to the Controlled Recreation Area….; evict persons from the Controlled Recreation Area; and regulate and prohibit the use and movement of vehicles of any nature whatsoever within the Controlled Recreation Area….” 

Recognizing our common interest in Public Safety and the purpose for the establishment of the Controlled Recreation Area, the Province is supportive of this change in public access and we are currently working with the Provincial Recreation Sites and Trails Branch and Sun Peaks Resort to engage stakeholders, most notably the Kamloops Snowmobile Association (KSA), regarding proposed changes to in order to get feedback on the proposed changes and on snowmobiling interests in the greater Sun Peaks area.  The Province will also be facilitating a snowmobiling education campaign, with ‘Sun Peaks Snowmobiling Education Weekends’ planned for December 20th, 21st and 27th, 28th.  We would like to meet with you and other KSA representatives to better understand how this change affects the KSA’s activities and interests.

Please contact me directly to coordinate a convenient meeting time to discuss the proposed changes at Sun Peaks Resort.

Kind regards,

Bill Hunter


Bill Hunter | Senior Manager, Major Projects | Mountain Resorts Branch

Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

510 - 175 2nd Ave, Kamloops, BC  V2C 5W1
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