March General Membership Meeting

At the North Shore Cottonwood Community Centre
730 Cottonwood Ave
Thursday March 27 2014 7:00pm

Please attend and bring a friend or two.



11/28/2016 2:52am

The North Shore Cottonwood Community Center is one of my most favorite place that i would love to visit, especially in the winters as well. I would love to go on that place this weekend too with some of my friends.

06/19/2017 8:56pm

I am excited to know what is the meeting all about. There are lots of issues that should be tackled and I'm just wondering if those can be solved or be addressed on a one-day meeting! I hope the whole community would make an effort to make it there. I'll be cancelling my schedule for that day so that I can make it to this general meeting.

09/21/2017 4:03am

I am encouraging all members to attend its annual March General Membership Meeting. I am sure that there are lots of topics to discussed, and I have heard that the plans will be announced in the meeting. That is just one of the reasons why it is right for all members to be at the meeting so that they will be updated and there's nothing to miss about the recent happening within the organization!

I liked your meetings so much! Why you stopped providing them? I'd like to talk with you ;)

12/19/2016 12:42am

I wish I could visit that place once in my life. Snow falling season is most beautiful among all seasons. Specially snow falling on mountains and greenery is like wow. Activities which related to it are also interesting.

05/09/2017 4:19am

I can bring a lot of friends! If it's needed! How much people do you need?


Home is the biggest gift for us, who doesn’t have family they know the importance of home. We should go in every meeting when your college share about his ideas you can also get an idea for yourself as well.

08/07/2017 6:11am

09/14/2017 12:32pm

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09/15/2017 4:46am

Reading while studying. I am happy to follow your post.


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