General Membership Meeting

1st Meeting of the 2014/2015 Season
At the North Shore Cottonwood Community Center
730 Cottonwood Ave
Thursday Sept 25 2014 7:00pm

The Quad Raffle tickets are now available and can be sold as of Sept 11 2014, if you want books please contact Ian at 250-371-1662. Also if you can help with ticket selling in the Mall please contact Lyle at 250-554-3779. Lyle has made a great contribution in past years and needs a new crew to take over from him. Please help


Dates are set up Sept 25, Oct 23, Nov 27, Dec 18, Jan 22, Feb 26 Mar 26 and possibly April 23. This is the 4th Thursday of each month except Dec. Meeting place is the North Shore Cottonwood Community Center 730 Cottonwood Ave Kamloops 7:00pm.



11/26/2016 7:09am

General membership meeting is quite good with the price that they are providing . However the place they showed for membership is one of the most favorite place for me.


I would be very thankful if you continue with quality what you are serving right now with your blog...I really enjoyed it...and i really appreciate to you for this....its always pleasure to read so....Thanks for sharing!!!


Have you had any meetings the last year? Or I had missed everything?

05/01/2017 11:16pm

A good time for pre-booking your place for trip.


Thanks for sharing such a good blogs.


I really like this post.

08/02/2017 2:30am

It was awesome meeting! Can't wait for the next one!

09/02/2017 3:02am

Do you have any videos from your meetings? I'd like to know more details before I will attend. Thanks.


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