Private land issue:

I have property at Lac Le Jeune at the west end of the lake. each year I have problems with snowmobilers trespassing on my private property. I have it signed and posted with No Snowmobiling or No trespassing signs. It seems as if once they get on a machine they lose their ability to read. Have you any suggestions to aleviate the problem?

The Ridgemountain Forest Service Road goes through our place, and as long as they stay on the part of the road that is not maintained I have no problem, but unfortunately, many of them do not. I do not want to involve the police, and with help I would rather solve the problem at this level.

I would appreciate a response so we could talk this over. I realize that it is probably not your members that create a problem but maybe they have some ideas that would help Thank you very much Jocko Creek Ranch


10/26/2016 7:46pm

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02/08/2017 11:45pm

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07/17/2017 12:41am

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03/09/2017 12:30am

You need a fence. One that will not cause an accident. But it should be visible enough even on difficult weather. I don't think people intend to pass where they are not supposed to. They just happen to be unaware and when they are outdoors, it is really hard to read signs. Your fence and sign should be more visible.

05/01/2017 11:12pm

Indeed, where there is private land these issues exists.

05/02/2017 1:27am

Hope these issues had resolved.


Thanks for sharing.

05/08/2017 10:56pm

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07/22/2017 4:41am

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